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L'allenamento dei Super Ninja!

Guarda le foto di Mike, Owen e Amanda mentre si allenano per imparare nuove mosse di combattimento da ninja!
  • Mike tries out his new ninja nunchucks with the supervision of Hologramps.
  • Mike and Owen piece together clues on their first ninja mission.
  • Mike is forced to make his first wise warrior decision; does he follow his head or his heart?
  • Owen is a little too eager to battle with his new warrior weapons. And Hologramps is not too happy about it.
  • This is the dojo...AKA where all of the nifty ninja training happens.
  • Owen takes on a ninja bot for his first training in karate kicking combat.
  • Bow to your cyborg sensei! Mike and Owen get ready for some super cyber-droid training!
  • This robo-battle bot is no match for Mike and Owen's karate kicking skills!
  • Mike learns that with great warrior weaponry comes great responsibility.
  • Hologramps is the sweetest sensei that a new ninja could ask for! Mike is one lucky grandson.
  • Owen might be a wacky warrior, but he's still got that praying mantis move down to an art!
  • Once Amanda joins in on the high-kicking fun, this trio of trainees gets right down to work. Hi-ya!


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